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Carambola / ゴレンシ

Carambola originated in Malaysia. This fruit was first brought into China in the Han Dynasty and then into Taiwan. The area of plantation in the whole province is about 2300 hectares, mostly in Taiwan.
In terms of application, carambola is divided into two kinds: sweet and sour cultivars. As for the sweet cultivars, the petals are light purple, and the fruit is big. While ripe, the fruit skin will become pale yellow, orange, or bright yellow during ripe. The fruit tastes sweet and can be eaten right away or pressed into fresh Carambola juice. The sour cultivar has dark purple petals, and the fruit is smaller. While ripe, the fruit skin will turn dark yellow during ripe, and the fruit tastes sour and will processed into preserved carambola, fermented carambola juice, etc.


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